Motorsport Apparel: print or embroidery?

Discover the right customisation for your Team

We offer every Motorsport Team the best in customisation and uniqueness, which are essential for determining the character of a team that really wants to stand out! The production of every pit crew clothing item takes place entirely within our organisation. From the creation of machinery to the processing of garments via printing and embroidery. In this way, we can bring all of your ideas to life, from our first minute together, without any limits or shortcomings.

The custom motorsport clothing technique for includes factors such as:

  • Type of fabric;
  • Final result desired by the client;
  • Complexity of logos to be reproduced (e.g. with various colour tones or very laborious details)

Customisation by thermo printing

Customisation by thermo printing is a technique that offers excellent results and is especially recommended for lightweight fabrics such as T-shirts, lightweight jackets, rain jackets and polyester.

It is perfect for reproducing all kinds of logos, either with various colour tones or with simple blocks of colour. We use the best printing materials to guarantee maximum durability of the garment. It’s always a good idea to pay attention when washing to guarantee maximum durability (inside-out and in cold water, without using a tumble dryer…)

Customisation by Embroidery

The technique of embroidery offers excellent workmanship! It works best on thicker fabrics such as shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, motorsport jackets and caps. Images given by a team with personalized clothing with embroidery are superior to almost all other solutions! The technique produces a 3D effect for logos and sponsors, with a very elegant result.

Embroidery offers great aesthetic effects, as the colours will have brilliant tones and will last over time (no special instructions are required during washing).

In the case of logos with various colour tones, it will be necessary to simplify the logo slightly, so that it can be reproduced using embroidery yarn.

Excellent customer care: Trust yourself to our experts!

Our customer care service is available online all day via our website: our team will advise and assist you, with real time answers to almost all kinds of request. We will also be happy to advise you on the most suitable customisation technique, on logo types and your chosen fabric.

We guarantee you the most effective advice in selecting the right positioning of brands, following winning visual strategies!

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The time has come to give a New and Winning Look to your Team! Pit Race Wear has all the solutions!