Customised design production

Made do Measure Clothing's

We create your clothing line using the colours and shapes of your team's kit, 100% made to measure for every need!

Our unique and exclusive tailor-made production of T-shirts, Polo shirts, Shirts and Sweatshirts enables you to stand out and make a difference.
We produce in minimum quantities of 30 pieces, offering a private confidential procedure, adding value to accommodate your every request.

It's time to give your team a different and winning look!

Send us your vision of how you would dress your team! We can provide an immediate quote.
Contact us for more information.

The step by step project

We develop the idea

1. We develop the idea

We design your clothing line specifically and exclusively for your team using a composition of colours and shapes to suit your needs!"

Preview production
We create the preview

2. We create the preview

Our best designers are involved in the graphic design and will be with you every step of the way until the entire project is completed! Adding value to accommodate your every request.

Fabric and Finishes
We define fabric and finishes

3. We define fabric and finishes

We carefully define the type of fabric (Cotton, Polyester or mix of both) and the colour shades for each garment, paying attention to the small details of the finishes.

We actualise the project
Icon project

4. We actualise the project

We start production of your clothing line. Production time depends on the quantity required. NB: Orders over 1000 pieces will have a 60-day production time.

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